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Skyline with my loves

I’ve heard it said that happiness is only real if shared, and while I might not agree with this entirely, I do believe there is great joy in sharing our happiness with those we love and treasure.

With that in mind, it pleased my soul to spend another weekend in the glorious outdoors of the Pacific Northwest with my sweetheart, my son, and some dear friends.

 Heading up – it’s only a little over a mile, but it’s a steep mile! 😄💪

My son started out on skis but quickly tired. I got frustrated and chucked his skis in the woods, then had second thoughts and being attached to the sled, asked my darling if she wouldn’t mind retrieving them. 😘 

Our merry band arriving at Skyline Lake!

Camp was set up in good time ⛺ 

Woke up to fresh snow and blue skies! Coffee lap of the lake with my boy 😍☕ 

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Snow cave camping at Artist Point with my son ⛄🗻❄ 

A brilliant weekend outing with wonderful friends to Artist Point, adjacent to the Mount Baker ski resort.

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Father and son Henskin Lake backcountry New Year

Happy New Year!! 

New Year’s Eve skiing at Crystal Mountain, followed by backcountry camping at Henskin Lake – what a marvelous way to ring in 2017!

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Winter climb to the historic Winchester Lookout

A beautiful, if long, night hike to the summit of Winchester Mountain and the historic fire lookout!


What a sunrise!!






Nap time!





Larabee- we wanted to summit this gorgeous peak but avalanche conditions forced us to cancel this plan.


Breakfast of Champions for Quinn: non alcoholic beer and Gummi bears!


A special pic for our buddy Dave who has an orange peel fetish 😉


Calvin and Shea perched on the roof of the Winchester Lookout


Snow softened up nicely in the afternoon sun. Fresh turns = Happiness!



Quinn and Shea


Cheryl and her growlers 🙂


A gorgeous sunset!


Some cool cats showed up just after sunset with a pissy little shitster of a dog. The lookout was rocking on Saturday night!



Good night!


Good morning! 😉 I was roused from my slumber by the monumental crash of Grumpy Cat falling out of bed!


I was told to go back to sleep but couldn’t. Put the kettle on and went out to enjoy another spectacular sunrise –




Back in the lookout everyone was still sound asleep…


I passed the time sipping coffee and perusing the lookout library 🙂


Signs of life! Let’s get packed and head on down before it gets too “avalanchy”!


Me n Quinn 🙂


Adios Winchester and Larabee! I’ll be back!


Larabee and the border peaks –


I keep telling Grumpy Cat that skis work better when attached to feet, but she does look pretty bad ass lugging them around on her back…


We took the direct route down from Winchester Lookout to the Twin Lakes, a decision which, in hindsight, was perhaps not ideal for everyone in our merry band…


On the plus side, Cheryl got to practice life or death self arrest techniques and Grumpy Cat cleaned up the Winchester yard sale after bowling Cheryl’s pack down the mountain…


The yard sale crew walked what was left of Zig Zag’s battered pack down the mountain collecting pieces and parts along the way.


Quinn, Shea and Calvin on Winchester Mountain

Calvin and I had gravity on our side and zipped down and across the Twin Lakes, fired up the kettle and cooked a meal while awaiting our companions.

After biscuits and gravy and a pot of tea our mates were still dicking around on the far side of the lakes so Calvin and I decided to hike part way up the little mountain on the south side of the Twin Lakes to enjoy some fresh turns in the warm spring conditions. Ah, how nice to climb and ski sans pack!


By the time we got down Zig Zag, Grumpy Cat and the Quinnster had made it across the lakes and we headed down the Twin Lakes road to where we’d left the cars. High fives and beers and then Calvin slid off the road… Ooops!

Fortunately I had my high lift and straps and Quinn had plenty of beer. It took us a while to drag Calvin’s truck to a point where we could set up a pulley on a tree and pull him out of the ditch. Good fun!

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Hidden Lake Lookout, Day 2!

Good morning from Hidden Lake Lookout! What a sunrise!!

Three more friends were going to meet us today and the original plan had been for us to hike / ski / roll down to the trailhead to meet them for a group hike up. Fortunately, they got a pretty early start which saved us from going all the way down and back! Douchebag Dave lost his vagina and decided to play house while Zig Zag and I went down to meet the inbound bastards 🙂

I was a bit nervous traversing the east bowl, fearing it would be as icy as my ex-wife’s heart, but fortunately by the time we got there the sun had been on it long enough that it was softening up.

I stopped about half way across and chilled for a bit, just taking it all in. These mountains are truly good for the soul!


Here comes Zig Zag! I hear she cried off most her sunscreen right about here- 😉


I continued across and took a few more pics from the safety of the saddle-


Looking NE towards the true summit of Hidden Lake, elevation 7088″-


The west facing slopes haven’t had much sun on them yet so it’s an icy ski down, but still, a crappy ski beats a good day at the office any day! ^_^


Zig Zag was on snowshoes so I let her follow the track we’d made the day before while I stayed high in search of some decent turns. She snapped these rather cool pics 🙂


Then I got killed in an avalanche…

20160402_103455Ok, ok, I wasn’t really dead! 😉


Then, as Zig Zag was digging me out, she got buried by the murderous slide!


Scary stuff, eh? I still don’t know how we survived!


Anyway, let’s keep going!


A few more turns and who do I spot? The bastards!!! Midnight Rider, Quinnster and Grumpy Cat have arrived! ^_^ I tackled the Midnight Rider in a big bear hug cuz I know how much she LOVES to snuggle, then we headed back in the direction of the lookout. I cut high with Grumpy Cat in tow while the other bastards stuck to the established trail. We made good time to the saddle and chilled there for a bit until the rest of our merry band arrived.

I had regaled the Midnight Rider with tales of the wonderful traverse that awaited her beneath the Hidden Lake Lookout- there you have it!


I was impressed- there was no complaining or talk of turning back. Bastards in the mist 😉


Everyone vag’d up and pushed on! Grumpy Cat was behind me, hoping she could somehow squeeze her fat powder boards into my skinny tracks. Oh, and did I mention she’s just learning to ski? Well, if she lost it she’d just roll down the mountain and PROBABLY be ok… Grumpy Cat broke character and made it across with a smile 🙂


The rest of the miscreants followed; should we tell them to space out so that they don’t all get taken out in the event of a slide? Nah! Ignorance really can be bliss sometimes! ^_^


Douche Bag Dave was waiting for us and much merriment ensued ^_^  Midnight Rider passed out in her goggles and Zig Zag soon joined her, proving once and for all that the former actually doesn’t mind snuggles as much as she lets on.

Someone mentioned having to take a dump and we knew there’s a Spectacular Throne® buried some ~500″ down the mountain, we grabbed shovels and rakes and instruments of destruction and headed down to Alice’s Restaurant, ahem, I mean, the shitter 🙂

I actually completely missed the great shit dig of ’16 because I skied down and totally blew past the battle zone. By the time I skinned back up it was Mission accomplished! (Of course, no good deed goes unpunished to I proceeded to lob snowballs at Zig Zag from a strategic position, because that’s just the kind of friend I am ^_^ )


Douchebag Dave took the crapper for a test run 🙂

20160402_152644Sure as shit beats hauling out blue bags, eh?

Back at the lookout we attended to domestic chores, such as melting snow for drinking water in case the beer and whiskey ran out-


And I prepped the windows in anticipation of another spectacular sunset 🙂


The day was still young so I went off for a wee little ski tour down the south face of the lookout peak. Sweetness! ^_^



Finally the shadows began to lengthen and we prepared for the show that mother nature had prepared for us-


Oh, wait, wrong show! If you’ll pivot 180 degrees away from the moon you’ll be rewarded with an entirely more wholesome view-

It was such a beautiful night that a bunch of folks ended up sleeping outside leaving me to snuggle with the lookout mice.

Sweet rodent dreams! ♥


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