Day hike to the summit of Mount Si

Eight miles round trip and about 3100 feet of vertical, 40 minutes from my front door! Another gorgeous weekend in the Pacific Northwest- let’s go hiking!image

In the legends of the Snoqualmie people, Mount Si was the body of the moon, fallen to earth through the trickery of the fox and the blue jay. If you’ve ever seen Mount Si it’s easy to understand why it is considered a sacred place.

And we’ re off!image

imageThe farther you go the steeper it gets. It’s a well maintained trail that takes you through thick forest.

Lots of folks on the trail today! Most stop here, below the true summit, called the Haystack. My camera is too crappy to capture Mount Rainier off in the distance-image

I didn’t come this far to skip the true summit of Mount Si! To get there I must conquer the “Haystack scramble”… Sounds like a tasty dish! 😉image

Looking up at the Haystack, the true summit of Mount Si. There are people up there, but they are but specks in this picture.image

Some amazing views from up here! North Bend below and Seattle way off in the distance!image

Had to consult the map because the Haystack Scramble isn’t really a trail…image

Now I understand why they call it a scramble!! There’s no trail, you just claw your way up to the summit, try not to fall, and hope no one drops a rock on you…image

About half way up I paused to take a picture looking down the scramble. Lots of loose rock, definitely a no-fall zone. Pretty sketchy!image

The final piece of the scramble to reach the top of the Haystack and the true summit of Mt Si!image

Made it!!image




Back in North Bend I had to stop for a parting shot of this amazing mountain. See you around Mount Si!image

Want to check out this trail? Here’s how to find the trailhead:

Driving Directions

From Seattle, drive I-90 to exit 32. Turn left onto 436th Ave SE. Follow 436th to its end at SE North Bend Way. Turn left. In three-tenths of a mile, turn right onto SE Mt. Si Road. Follow it 2.4 miles. Entrance to the trailhead will be on the left. A Discover Pass is required at trailhead (and don’t assume no one will check – the lot is patrolled regularly).


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One thought on “Day hike to the summit of Mount Si

  1. I would have been lucky to make it to the haystack. 😉

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