Day two in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington, USA

After lazing in the warm sun and enjoying a snack of pretzels and beer I was ready for a siesta!


It was so warm I draped my sleeping bag over my tent for shade, plopped down on my thermarest and fell fast asleep. Woke up around sunset and pulled my sleeping bag into the tent as the temperature quickly dropped. Next time I awoke the stars were shining brightly overhead through the mesh roof of my tent and it was quite cold. I hadn’t put the rain fly on my new tent; the chill and dew were a small price to pay for having a view of the stars twinkling above.

Got down to freezing that night but I have a nice warm bag so didn’t suffer. Frost in the morning!


Pratt Lake was mirror calm-


Temp climbed very slowly, it takes a while for the sun to reach into the basin.


I had skipped dinner the night before so enjoyed a coffee, and hot chocolate and a bagel while admiring the beautiful scenery slowly change with the coming of the dawn-


After my excessively long sleep I was keen to stretch my legs so I set off up the Melakwa Lake trail in the direction of nearby Lower Tuscohatchie Lake-

image    The Pratt River trail is apparently not maintained…


Gorgeous views of the Pratt River Valley as I head towards Lower Tuscohatchie Lake-


Minor obstacle on the trail 😉


Made it! Welcome to Lower Tuscohatchie Lake !




Wandered about the Lower Tuscohatchie Lake for a while before heading back to my camp spot at Pratt Lake.


Worth noting that the “shelter” referenced on the map below does not in fact exist. Been a long time since I’ve tried to edit an OSM map, but I probably ought to try and note that change lest someone head up there without proper gear expecting to find a shelter…image

A few snowy patches on the trail between Pratt and Lower Tuscohatchie- this section was a wee bit dicey but it doesn’t come across at all in the pic…image

Back at Pratt Lake- the colors keep changing as the rising sun illuminates the west side of the basin-image

Not bad for a camera-phone, eh? Sony Xperia Zimage

So many trails, never enough time… But with the trailheads so close to home I know I’ll be back here again soon!image

Imagine my surprise as I was lazing about to discover a couple of hummingbirds buzzing about! I’m amazed they can survive at 4500 feet with the temperature just a few degrees above freezing. I guess perhaps they are tougher than they look!




Time to head on down- it’s roughly 2 miles up from Pratt Lake, then another ~4 down to the Talapus Lake Trailhead.image

I had skipped Talapus Lake on the way up due to crowds, but stopped there on the way down to snap a quick picture-image

Spring is certainly here!

imageHappy Trails!!

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One thought on “Day two in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington, USA

  1. Amazing that you saw hummingbirds!

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