Hiking and Camping Racehorse Creek Falls, Deming, Washington, January 2015

Where the road ends, the fun begins!

End of the line- North Fork Rd, Deming, WA

End of the line- North Fork Rd, Deming, WA

Racehorse Creek Falls isn’t very far off the dirt road, certainly less than a mile, but it’s an interesting “trail”!

Trail to Racehorse Creek Falls

Off in the distance- my first glimpse of Racehorse Creek Falls-


The trail has seen better days- the creek is eating it!


I couldn’t find a safe way to reach the base of the falls. The water was too high and fast to cross, and the trail had been erased by a landslide and looked far too unstable to cross. (A slip would send me in the creek and I didn’t really relish the thought of going for a swim!)

Been working my butt off last few weeks, putting in 60+ hour weeks and needed to get LOST! Once I reached the end of the trail I bush whacked my way up and out of the steep creek valley until a found a somewhat flat spot on the shoulder between a couple of different drainages. I had hit the trail around 1530, having come straight from work, so ran out of daylight fast. I’ve had enough practice with my trusty Marmot tent that it was no big deal to set it up in the failing light. Here’s more or less where I spent the night:


A subway sandwich and some oranges, washed down with some Jimmy Beam and I was ready to pass out 🙂 I got very lucky with the weather. Forecast was for rain, but when I awoke some time in the middle of the night I was pleasantly surprised to see bright stars twinkling above. Slept pretty well and enjoyed breakfast in bed 😉


Ventured out for a little morning stroll and snapped some pictures of my camping spot-

1544440_10155135479520710_8127063064703940860_n 10690000_10155136190910710_6105214511220207516_n

So very very wet in there green moss covered hills!


Whoever came up with that old saying about finding north by looking for the mossy side of the trees has obviously never been to the pacific northwest. 😉

Climbing a bit further above camp I was rewarded by some amazing views-


Quite rare to see blue skies in these parts around this time of the year. Life is Good!! ^_^

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