Kansas City, KS to Springfield, Missouri to Oklahoma City via Arkansas! Fall 2014 motorcycle tour!

They take their BBQ pretty seriously in Kansas City!



Was great to catch up with friends who recently moved from Bangkok to KC, what a change, but they are happy and seem to be doing great!


A short ride down to Springfield, MO. The road is nothing special, but it was another beautiful fall day so a pleasant ride nonetheless.


Welcome to Springfield!


Was great catching up with good friends in Springfield, then time to push on! Discovered a fantastic web site called motorcycleroads.com, fantastic resource and helped me plan my route through the Ozarks on some brilliant roads!


Cool beautiful morning. Crossing Table Rock Lake in SW Missouri-




Up the in the Ozarks it was cool and foggy



Wow, southern Missouri is nice! I had no idea!




Welcome to Arkansas! Say, wasn’t Deliverance set around here?? O.0


Eureka Springs is a funky little tourist town in NW Arkansas. Would like to come back and explore it some time.


Getting off the beaten path- a small twisty mountain road through thick forest led me to the antique single lane War Eagle Bridge-




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One thought on “Kansas City, KS to Springfield, Missouri to Oklahoma City via Arkansas! Fall 2014 motorcycle tour!

  1. Hi there! You aren’t going to believe this, but I have been thinking about you and your son and your great summer trips, and a day or so later, I see your ‘like’ on my latest blog post! Anyway, I need to come back and catch up on your trips soon. I did read this one and it brought back great memories, since we toured NW Arkansas a few years ago. We loved Eureka Springs and plan to go back there one day also. We stayed in Bentonville which had much less character, but explored many of the same places and great roads. As a matter of fact, when we were there the War Eagle bridge was closed for renovation, and it’s nice to see it open in your pic! Great pics, too. We have used motorcycleroads.com also, and have found that lots of areas are now starting websites that include great tips, roads and routes for motorcyclists specifically. I wrote about one such site for VA on our recent trip: http://curvyroads.info/2014/10/18/october-anniversary-trip-day-2-riding-va-nc-tn/

    BTW, Deliverance was filmed in NE Georgia, not 2 hours from where we live, on the Chatooga River.
    The towns in that area are still trying to live it down. 😀

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and I will be back to catch up on your travels! Cheers, Lynne

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