Minneapolis to Kansas City! Day 1 of Fall tour 2014

Ready to Roll!

Leaving Minneapolis!

Leaving Minneapolis!

Cool and breezy, temp in the high 50’s. Got out of the Twin Cities just fine but a big rig crashed just south of Prior Lake creating a big traffic jam… Other than that it was smooth sailing! I-35 selfie πŸ˜‰


I-35 Selfie

The temp climbed as I rode south and I soon found myself sweating from all the layers I was wearing plus the winter gloves and baklava I was wearing under my lid. A quick stop in Ottawa, MN for fuel and to lose some layers and switch to normal weight gloves- much more comfortable!

Ottawa, MN fuel stop

Ottawa, MN fuel stop

Whacked on down to Desmoines, Iowa where I had to stop for fuel. Cruising at 80mph sure does burn a lot of gas! I usually get 50-52 mpg when touring with my son as we never go over 55 mph, but today with higher speed and a pretty consistent head wind I was averaging 41-42 mpg… Thirsty beast πŸ˜‰

Des Moines, Iowa pitstop

Des Moines, Iowa pitstop

Another 200 miles to Kansas City! I’d hoped to get there before the sun went down but got a late start from the Twin Cities. Enjoyed a spectacular sunset- this pic doesn’t do it justice at all.


Almost there!

Approaching Kansas City!

Approaching Kansas City!

Sunset selfie πŸ˜‰



Wow, Beer Lao in Kansas City! Who knew??!?


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