Trading in the Land Yacht for a canoe! Father and Son paddle Lake Umbagog, New Hampshire!

We were riding west to New Hampshire with no particular destination in mind; I thought we’d end up in the White Mountains but for some reason that I don’t recall we headed a bit north until we hit Lake Umbagog State Park in Coos County, NH. What really appealed to me was the fact that Lake Umbagog has a bunch of remote paddle-in campsites that are accessible only by boat and that the lake was rated top 5 in New England for kayaking and canoeing and is also known as a fantastic fishing lake.

Welcome to Lake Umbagog State Park!


There’s our canoe! We’ll give the Land Yacht a few days off šŸ˜‰


We’re off! I’ve always loved canoeing; Kristhawee looks like he’s enjoying himself too!


We launched from the very south end of the lake, paddled straight north across the bay, then hugged the shoreline until we found our spot-


There’s our destination up ahead on the left!


We made it!


This will do nicely! A big beautiful campsite with lake views a picnic table, fire ring, latrine and a camping platform!



After setting up camp Kristhawee was keen to get out for a paddle and try some fishing. Let’s go!


A good look at our campsite from the lake-


Father and son enjoying some quality time at Lake Umbagog, New Hampshire!


Getting late- let’s head back to camp!


I’d been saving this cigar to celebrate hitting the 100,000 mile mark on the Land Yacht but at the time just wasn’t in the mood. Tonight was the perfect opportunity to enjoy a good cuban smoke!




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