Weathering Hurricane Arthur in Acadia National Park!

The timing of Hurricane Arthur’s arrival was, all things considered, rather agreeable. Kristhawee and I had time to get dinner and get ready for bed before the rains and wind really picked up strength.


We read a couple chapters from the fantastic book by Jean George: “My Side of the Mountain” and fell asleep in our little tent, hoping we’d survive the storm.


My son can sleep through the wildest of weather. Me, not so much. I spent a mostly sleepless night listening to the wind howl and the rain bucket down. At times it felt like the wind would flatten our little tent, but after every strong gust would nearly knock it over the Marmot would pop back up, and we survived the night dry and warm. I was quite surprised to find I could get a data connection in the Seawall campground. Checking the radar and current conditions in the early hours of July 5th-



It was still raining hard and the wind was still howling but we decided to suit up and see if we could catch a shuttle to Bar Harbor. Are you ready little guy?


Wet wet wet, but my boy is still smiling so all is well! 🙂


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