The Kindness of Strangers!

Touring across the US the last few years has restored my faith in the basic goodness of my fellow countrymen; this summer was no exception!

I’ve been a long time member of a motorcycle forum called AdvRider, aka Adventure Rider ( and it’s got a section called “Tent Space” where members offer lodging and other assistance to riders on tour. This is the first year I’ve used that section of Advrider and I must say I’ve been so impressed with the amazing kindness and generosity of the members I’ve met via this feature.(

Thanks to Advrider I was able to find a place in the Twin Cities to service the K1200LT (thanks again Boardrider!), a member in New York gave me the keys to his super-groovy apartment on Manhattan’s East Side (thanks a million Eff!), and a kind member in New London, CT offered us not only tent space in his yard but also hooked us up with a friend who owns a tire changing machine and offered to mount the new tires on the Land Yacht and refused to accept any money for the job- can’t thank you enough John!!

You may recall the “drama” we suffered while waiting for the new tires to arrive for the K1200LT. Have used Motorcycle Superstore many times before without incident, but this time things got a bit complicated when UPS managed to lose a tire…

“Fortunately” UPS lost the front tire, as the rear was the one I really needed and it would have caused a huge delay to find a replacement as no dealer in CT, RI or MA had one in stock (I called them all!) It took a while, but finally the rear arrived in New London. My son and I were staying with friends in Boston and I had to arrange a baby sitter for my boy so that I could whack down to New London and throw on the new tire. Knocking the rear wheel off a K1200LT is a quick and easy job-



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