Stuck for want of a tire, MotorcycleSuperstore and UPS messed up…

I’ve used to save big money on tires during our previous cross country tours and ordered new tires for the K1200LT from them once again a couple weeks ago as the rear tire is shot and I guesstimate the front is only good for another couple thousand miles.


My son helped me wash the bike in anticipation of new rubber 🙂


The tires shipped last Monday and Motorcycle Superstore estimated a Wednesday delivery to my friends house in New London, CT. They didn’t show on Wednesday, again no show on Thursday and when I checked the UPS tracking again on Friday it became obvious there was a problem-


Well this sucks… I was unable to reach a human being at UPS until late Friday at which point they explained that one of the tires was missing… Neither UPS now MotorcycleSuperstore could tell me which tire… If it’s the front it’s not so urgent, but if it’s the rear I would need to try and source a new rear tire somewhere locally as it’s getting dangerously worn. Of course as luck would have it, the porky BMW K1200LT takes a special reinforced rear tire due to its weight (some 850 pounds curb weight!)

I called half a dozen dealers in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts On Saturday looking for a new rear tire and no one had one in stock… Hmmmm :/

Adding to my annoyance was the fact that neither UPS nor MotorcycleSuperstore could figure out WHICH tire was missing and they wouldn’t take any action until they “investigated” the missing item…

C’mon guys! We’re on the road, far from home, camping in my friend’s back yard and the clock is ticking… In my mind I thought it would not be unreasonable for them to send two new tires right away to minimize the delay, but that would mean returning a tire. My friend graciously offered to take care of that, but MotorcycleSuperstore wouldn’t ship replacement tires unless I paid for them, in effect buying two sets of tires because my first order was incomplete…

My friend in CT was going out of town for the weekend so we needed to move on. To make a long story short, we made it 150 miles to Boston on the dodgy rear tire, parked up the bike and enjoyed a fantastic weekend.


Yesterday evening, (Monday), UPS finally delivered the partial order, and fortunately it’s the rear tire! I really don’t want to carry my son down to New London on the shagged tire and have managed to arrange babysitting for him tomorrow so will whack down to CT solo on Wednesday morning and finally get the new tire mounted!

We are quite fortunate that we don’t have a fixed itinerary and have wonderful friends who have put us up while we’re stuck waiting for new tires!! With any luck we’ll be back on the road by Wednesday afternoon or Thursday… 4th of July is on Friday, wonder where we’ll celebrate Independence Day?

Wish us luck!!

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