Fishing at Pebble Creek Campground, Yellowstone National Park!

Back at the Pebble Creek Campground Kristhawee was keen to have another go at the elusive trout-

He was happy to see his friend Luca again and the two of them had a good time fishing together-

Trout are seriously finnicky fish!!! We could see them and we threw all kinds of flies and lures at them, but just couldn’t get them to bite… As the sun dropped the temperature quickly dropped, and the creek itself is very cold, but Kristhawee didn’t seem to mind

Even after Luca gave up Kristhawee kept at it- Points for effort!

He kind of fell in and soaked his jacket, but still kept on fishing!

Finally I convinced him to head back to camp. Along the way we discovered a robin nest-

Almost the end of July- these guys better hurry up and hatch! I imagine summer ends early here…

Back at camp we built a fire and I enjoyed a few beers while Kristhawee pretended to be drunk

Chilling with my boy at Pebble Creek Campground, Yellowstone National Park. Life is good!

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