Father and son visit Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park! (Part 2)

After lunch and a fun time romping around playing tag with a really nice family with a gaggle of kids Kristhawee was keen to go fishing, and the Ranger at the Visitor Center recommended a nearby spot. Let’s go!

I’m forgotten the name of this little lake, but it’s a beautiful spot and to get to it you have to ride through the Mammoth Hot Springs maintenance area and employee housing, and it was kind of cool to see all the huge winter snow removal trucks and tractors sitting out in the warm sun.

We worked our way around the lake and could see a lot of trout, but as usual, they mocked us and weren’t interested in any of the lures we threw at them…

Fish or no fish, I’m just happy to be outdoors with my boy and I think he feels the same

We get a bit of rain, but nothing serious, and finally we admit defeat to the trout and get ready to head back to camp where perhaps we might have better luck in Pebble Creek.

Bye bye gorgeous little lake and clever little fish!

Riding east to Pebble Creek the sky is stormy and there are spots of wet on the road, but somehow we manage to dodge the weather and make it back dry-

The dirt road to the Pebble Creek Campground is in pretty good shape, but there are some steep bits that would not be fun in the wet on the big Land Yacht!

I wonder if we’ll see that cute Black Bear again today?

Home Sweet Home

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