Father and son ride to Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park!

Good morning from Pebble Creek Campground in Yellowstone National Park! Today we’re going to ride to Mammoth Hotsprings and pick up a Junior Ranger workbook from the Visitor Center. It’s a beautiful day!

We ride west through the Lamar Valley-

The roads are in good repair and traffic is surprisingly light-

Holy smokes! What is that brown animal on the yonder hill? Could it be??

A Grizzly Bear!!

Looks like a young one, not that I’ve ever seen a Grizzly Bear in the wild. (I suppose it might even be an oddly colored Black Bear?) Regardless- it’s magnificent!!

Kristhawee and I were both so excited to have seen a Grizzly in the wild! Memories I’ll never forget! A little further on we saw a beautiful red fox saunter casually across the road in front of us and then stop on the shoulder to watch us ride by. I guess with no hunting in the park these animals aren’t so shy of humans. Motoring on-

Majestic Yellowstone!

Off in the distance- Mammoth Hot Springs!

Welcome to Mammoth Hot Springs! The place was packed, but no matter how dickish the parking, we always find a spot to squeeze in the Land Yacht

Mammoth Hotsprings has a really cool National Park Visitor Center. What kid doesn’t like a sign that says “PLEASE TOUCH”

A seriously pissed looking Mountain Lion… Guess I’d be pissed too if someone stuffed me and put me behind glass

Bighorn sheep-


Time for lunch! There’s a big general store in Mammoth Hotsprings where we picked up some beverages and picnic supplies-

Man that Grand Teton Brewing Co. Sweetgrass American Pale Ale is good stuff!!

Bonne Appetit!

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