Father and Son ride to Pebble Creek Campground, Yellowstone National Park!

Welcome to Yellowstone National Park!

Kristhawee and I are both very excited to revisit Yellowstone! Who’s going to spot the first wildlife?


It’s late in the day and most campgrounds are full, but the Ranger at the West Yellowstone entrance told us there were still some spots available at the Pebble Creek Campground, which is at the far northeast corner of the park:
If Pebble Creek is full there are a bunch of National Forest Campgrounds just outside the part on the fabulous Beartooth Highway. Let’s go! :happy3:

On the dirt road to the Pebble Creek Campground we spotted a Black bear!

Apparently this young black bear has been hanging around Pebble Creek a lot and the rangers are trying to scare him off-

Sadly, if a bear loses its fear of humans they can become a nuisance and a danger and may have to be put down… Hope this guy will make it!

This bear did not seem terribly frightened of the ranger…

But eventually he did wander off…


Well, as I suspected, Pebble Creek was full, but some super nice folks invited us to share their spot. Kristhawee was super happy to discover their son Luca was his age and they hit it off right away-
Can’t remember the little girl’s name but she was glued to her book the entire time.

We were rewarded with an absolutely stunning sunset that evening!



A nice background for dinner, eh? http://www.asianconnection71.com/DinnerGif

Good night!!

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