Father and Son Motorcycle Road Trip! Welcome to Salmon, Idaho!

Salmon, Idaho is a trippy little western town- the Owl Club’s owl has been peppered with arrows-

Had to stop and get another shot of the owl-

Riding down Main Street-

Lots of deer wandering about- here’s a doe and her fawn-

Didn’t see any beemers, but plenty of hogs-

Thought about camping at the Lemhi Hole but it was deserted, there were no facilities and I imagined it could be a bit creepy there after dark…

While we were there Kristhawee was able to connect with his mom on Skype-

Can you see the three large juvenile birds in the nest behind Kristhawee? Not sure what they were. Every time we’d get close they hunker down and hide so never got a very good look at them…

And we checked out the Lehmi Hole fish ladder-

A large nest with some eagles or hawks?

Did a quick search and discovered a nearby full service campground that was perfect- http://www.century2campground.com/

You can’t see it, but this big oak tree is covered in giant cicadas which my son enjoyed catching and playing with

Century Campground, immaculate grounds, a friendly, if a bit quirky owner, right on the Salmon River, hot showers and laundry- what more could you ask for?

I wasn’t in the mood to cook so we went in to town and treated ourselves to an excellent meal at a Mexican joint right on the river- Fiesta En Jalisco

Quite decent food, a bit pricey, but what the heck, we deserve to treat ourselves from time to time, don’t you agree Kristhawee?

Grand Teaton Brewing makes some mighty fine ales! Cheers!

After dinner we rode back to the campground and decided to do a little fishing in the Salmon River before bed-

Tomorrow we ride to Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park!!

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