Father and Son Ride the Salmon River Scenic Byway, Idaho, USA!

As we were getting ready to leave the Haven Hot Springs a big group of Porches pulled in- a club from Boise out for a drive-

We continued north-east on the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Route 21-

From Boise National Forest we enter the Challis National Forest-

So many campgrounds along this route!

Sawtooth National Recreation Area-


Some impressive mountains off to the south-

Welcome to Stanley, Idaho, population 63!

We motor on, following the Salmon River in the direction of Challis-

Yet another fantastic motorcycle road!

Green valleys, brown hills, dilapidated buildings-

Abandoned service station-

Smokey the Bear tells us the fire danger is only moderate here, yet they are fighting a big fire nearby…

US Dept of Ag. Yankee Fork Work Center. Wonder what they do here?

What a gorgeous day!!

Crossing the Salmon River-


Clayton, Idaho- population 7!!

Now we’re riding north on the Salmon River Scenic Byway 75-

A cool old single lane bridge across the Salmon River-

79 miles to Salmon, Idaho!

Hmmm, clouds are getting thicker- looks like we might get wet…

Rain off in the distance-

Here’s a sign you don’t see every day- Caution- Bighorn Sheep on Highway!

I tell Kristhawee to keep his eyes open for bighorn sheep-

By sheer luck we’re still dry-

Wow these are some rugged mountains!

The Salmon River Scenic Byway 75 ends at a T-junction with highway 93. The sky to the west is dark and threatening. We stop here for fuel and some food and to assess the weather and our route-

It looks like the storm clouds have passed. As we’re getting ready to hit the road a group of guys pulls in on an interesting mix of bikes- Ducati Multistrada, Honda VFR, Suzuki V-Strom, and there was a BMW in the group too-

They’re really friendly, it turns out we’re all riding in the direction of Salmon and they don’t mind at all if we tag along

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