Pine Flats Campground and some gorgeous wild hotsprings on the bank of the Payette River, Boise National Forest, Idaho, USA!

We set up camp in record time and hit the trail from the Pine Flats Campground to the nearby wild hot springs-

Came across this little pool… Lukewarm and unimpressive, this can’t be it; let’s keep going!

The “trail” takes you through the Payette River- COLD!!

Cold and slippery but nothing my little guy couldn’t handle

Another small pool, not terribly hot, this can’t be it…

We found it! Wow, it’s a hot spring that’s fed by a scorching hot waterfall- how cool is that??!?

This amazing wild hotspring is right above the beautiful Payette River- what a spot!

A look up at the waterfall- it was scalding hot- I could stand under it only for a few seconds at a time!

Relaxing in one of the most beautiful wild hotsprings I’ve ever enjoyed with my beloved boy; as good as it gets!

The closer you sit to the waterfall the hotter it gets!

Hotspring selfie

The shadows were getting long but neither of us wanted to leave!

Fortunately I’d brought along food, drinks, warm clothes and flashlights in case we ended up hiking back to camp in the dark. Ah, here come some more people. Guess we’ll have to share our hotspring

But, as it turned out, those kids were afraid to follow the trail through the river so we still had the hotspring all to ourselves

When we’d get too hot in the main spring we’d wander down to some of the cooler ones below-

Splish splash life is good!

Just before sunset a couple joined us- they were cool and friendly-

Dark now but it looks like me little guy is in no hurry to get back to camp-

I asked the couple to snap a picture of us- father and son enjoying the hot springs near Pine Flats Campground, Boise National Forest, Idaho, USA!

Finally it was time to head back to camp. A simple dinner and marshmallows over the fire for dessert, then straight to bed.

After soaking in the hotsprings for several hours we were so relaxed that sleep came quickly and easily. Sleeping under the stars and pine trees with the soothing sound of the rushing river below and by boy beside me, I never want this to end…

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