Father and Son ride east to the Boise National Forest and Pine Flats Campground!

Welcome to Idaho!!

I didn’t want to ride through downtown Boise so we skirted the city and followed the Payette River to the north, riding east towards the Boise National Forest-

A pleasant albeit slow ride through some small towns north of Boise-

East on country road 52-

Following the Payette River-

A pleasant ride and we avoided all the heat and traffic of Boise-

We stopped for food and fuel at Horseshow Bend at the junction of highways 52 and 55 and I consulted the large map on the wall-

Kristhawee talked me into buying him a rather nasty looking icecream. Turns out it was just as gross as I thought

On the road again! Now we’re riding north on Highway 55, still following the Payette River-

Highway 55 is a fantastic road!

A bit further north we hang a right onto the Banks-Lowman Road and and follow the South Fork of the Payette River east-

Smokey the Bear warns us of high fire danger, and I hear there are some large forest fires burning in the Boise National Forest, but so far the air is clear and no sign of smoke…

A fantastic ride and zero traffic!

Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway-

What a road! What a view!

A few short sections were under repair, but well marked and no drama-

Motorcyclists love these signs

Some serious earth moving equipment!

It’s getting late so we should pick a spot to camp soon. There are many National Forest campgrounds to choose from along this road and we chose Pine Flats on account of it’s attractive location right above the Payette River and the fact that there are some wild hotsprings nearby-

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