Father and son riding the Central Oregon Highway, July 2013

It feels good to be back on the road again!

Exiting Crater Lake National Park we turn right and head east on Volcanic Legacy Oregon Scenic Byway 138-

Approaching Dalles-California Highway 97-

We ride east on the 138, then north on the Dalles-California Highway 97 through Deschutes National Forest and Bend, Oregon, turning right and riding east again on the Central Oregon Highway 20 towards Idaho!

One thing I really dig about Oregon is it seems to have a lot more mom and pop businesses and has somehow resisted the invasion of the big national chains.

Bigfoot Tavern- the yeti features prominently in the folklore of the Pacific Northwest! Even bigfoot likes beer apparently

Just me and my boy and the open road- life is good!

Riding east on the Central Oregon Highway I think we might get wet…

This is some wide open country! Lots of OHV trails too. Some day when my boy has got his own bike!

106 miles to Burns, Oregon and from there it’s still a good ways to Boise. It occurs to me that we won’t reach Idaho today…


When people think of Oregon they usually think of mountains and pine trees. Central and eastern Oregon remind me more of the great plains in the midwest-

Rest areas are few and far between out here-

Lots of abandoned buildings out here-

Cruisin along

Feel pretty small out here!

Lone backpacker / hitchhiker out in the middle of nowhere. Hope he can get a lift!

This is Hampton, Oregon, population 41!

We’ve got the road pretty much to ourselves-

Whole lotta nothing!

Doesn’t look terribly dry, but fire restrictions are in effect-

Was that someone’s home once upon a time? I can’t imagine what it would be like to live out here. Must be brutal in the winter…

Haha! I can’t remember what we were talking about, but what a face!

Still smilin’

Kristhawee is such an awesome kid. Never complains and is always up for adventure. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful son!

The small town of Burns, Oregon has got a Golden Arches. Kristhawee is psyched and I can finally check my email. Someone needs a haircut!!

While we’re hanging at McD’s I do a search for campgrounds and discover there are a bunch not far to the north in the Malheur National Forest, so after picking up some supplies in Burns off we go north on the John Day-Burns Highway 395-

The 395 is a nice road- nice to see some curves again!

I take it easy as it’s getting late and this looks like deer country-

Devine Canyon Scenic Corridor

Welcome to Malheur National Forest. “Malheur” is French for misfortune and strikes me as a rather depressing name for such a beautiful forest. I wonder if there’s a story behind the name…

We spot a weathered sign for the Idlewild Campground, pull in, and it’s pretty much deserted-

What do you think Kristhawee? Want to stay here?

He picked a good spot!

The gentleman managing the campground was a real nice fellow and told us that there might be some severe weather headed our way and that if it got ugly he didn’t mind us moving our bike and tent under the big picnic pavillion you can see off to the right in the above picture.

Idlewild Campground, Malheur National Forest, Oregon- if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, this is a good choice!

We wandered about and I quite enjoyed this hand carved wooden map of the area-

Lots of people told me I NEEDED a GPS for these tours, but honestly, paper maps do me just fine. Kristhawee seems to enjoy them too-

Dinner and a few pages from the Call of the Wild and we were soon fast asleep. The nasty weather never did materialize. Life is good!

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