Father and Son Exploring Crater Lake! Phantom Ship and the Pumice Castle!

I wish we could have stayed on Wizard Island longer, but overnight camping isn’t allowed and it was time to catch the last boat back to Cleetwood Cove-

Look like Kristhawee had a good time

Someone is not in the mood to smile for the camera

This will have to do

Bye bye Wizard Island!

The boat doesn’t take us straight back to Cleetwood Cove- we enjoy a tour of some more prominent geological features of Crater Lake-

From the Crater Lake Institute: (http://www.craterlakeinstitute.com)

Much of the beauty of the walls of Crater Lake comes from the delicate coloring of the rocks, notably on Garfield Peak and the Eagle Crags and beneath Hillman Peak, where they have                     been affected by solfataric action. Here the normally somber colors of the andesites give way to shades of yellow, buff, brown, and orange which contrast pleasingly with the deep                     blue of the adjacent lake and the bright reds of the slaggy lava crusts.

These green-covered hills are pieces of the crater rim that have fallen into the lake! Geologists are able to match the rock layers in the hummocks to those in the rim above-

Lots and lots of waterfalls!

Very dry this year, but there are still a few patches of snow-

Wow that’s steep!

Phantom Ship!

From the Crater Lake Institute:

The Phantom Ship is a remaining section of the filled conduit of a fissure from which probably poured many of the lower layers of lava constituting Dutton Cliff. The island is about 500 feet long and reaches a maximum width of 200 feet near the east end. Its east-west ridge of spires, towering 170 feet above the water, sharply                     divides most of the island into two slopes, one very steeply sloping to the south and the other less steeply to the north

Eye of the needle-

Phantom Ship looks so small from the crater rim, but is anything but!

Coming around the Phantom Ship you can see the clear line in the water that marks the spot where the depth of the lake plunges dramatically-

More amazing scenery- I believe this is Dutton Cliff?

Pumice Castle!

From the Crater Lake Institute:

Of the many colorful volcanic formations in the walls surrounding         Crater Lake, The Pumice Castle, on the east wall, attracts the attention         of many         visitors.The Pumice Castle is part of an extensive lenticular bed of         fragmental pumice outcropping on the crater wall about 1,300 feet above         the level of the lake, or 400 feet below the crater rim just south of         Cloudcap. The bed of pumice has a maximum thickness of 190 feet

Pumice Castle up close-

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