Exploring Wizard Island with my son. Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA!

We’d slid down into the Witches Cauldron from the north and hiked up and out to the south-

Here comes Kristhawee!

Amazing views in all directions from the crater rim-

This looks like a nice spot for a picnic!


A final look into the Witches Cauldron before we head down-

Let’s hit the trail!

Wow, the colors!!

Apologies for picture overdose!

Kristhawee is motoring along- down is easier than up, but you have to be careful as this is a cinder cone and quite slippery-

I never get tired of looking at the colors of Crater Lake!

I keep telling Kristhawee to slow down and be careful… He gives me “the look”

Some nice thick forest and shade towards the base-

We’ve got just enough time for a quick visit to Fumarole Bay-

Fumarole Bay- that-a-way!

It’s a bit of a challenging trail over rugged volcanic rock-

Which way??

An interesting volcanic landscape!

Can you see the “trail”? It’s easy to lose it!

Watch your step! It would be easy to twist an ankle here and I’m glad we’ve both got decent hiking boots-

Fumarole Bay! The colors here are amazing and my camera does not do them justice-

This trail is a workout!!

Not sure the purpose of this steel cable with loops in it… Perhaps a place to moor boats?

Another look-

Crater Lake has some of the cleanest clearest water of any lake on the planet-

Love the bright green fuzzy moss on the north sides of the trees-

I’d brought Kristhawee’s fishing pole all this way as a ranger had mentioned there is sometimes good fishing in Fumarole Bay-

Kristhawee fishing in Fumarole Bay, Wizard Island, Crater Lake!

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