Cruising to Wizard Island with my boy, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA!

Good morning from Crater Lake National Park!

First order of business- coffee and breakfast!

No such thing as too much cheese!

Kristhawee the cheesy eggs master!

Then it was back in the car for the drive to the Cleetwood Cove Trail down to the boat launch and all aboard for our cruise to Wizard Island!

This ranger was awesome- incredibly knowledgeable about Crater Lake and with a great sense of humor too!

And we’re off! (yes, Kristawee is wearing pajama bottoms… )

I’m bummed I can’t remember the ranger’s name- he was a real class act and did an excellent job of engaging and interacting with everyone on the boat-

Sean and Sarah-

Bright and sunny out on the lake!

Here Kristhawee, put on your shades- that’s better isn’t it?

The ranger points out some of the more spectacular geological formations along the caldera rim-

Kristhawee really enjoyed chatting with the ranger-


Who can identify this rare geological formation?

PJ’s and pink socks! I kind of dig that my kid doesn’t care one bit what people think of his attire

Good shot of Kristhawee with Wizard Island in the background-

Our destination:

The Cleetwood Cove Trail is the only trail to the lake. The rest of the caldera is steep, slippery and dangerous-

Another very cool geological formation-

Apologies for picture overload, but as a Geology Minor I find this stuff fascinating!

Cool colors on this steep pumice slope-

Almost there!

Kristhawee is so excited

The Ranger gives us a run down on the island, safety rules and reminds everyone not to be late for the return trip a few hours later-

Looking back the way we’ve come-

Approaching the Wizard Island landing-

Woohoo! We’ve made it!

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One thought on “Cruising to Wizard Island with my boy, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA!

  1. jreed

    Hi… Great photos and looks like your son had a wonderful time! I was wondering if you think the hike down (and back, obviously) to the dock to board the cruise boat is strenuous? Crater Lake Lodge’s website says it is strenuous and made it sound as though it’s not for the faint of heart, but I seem to see some elders (say 60+, like me) in your photos. Your opinion? Thanks!

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