Sunset and moonrise on the Watchman Trail, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA!

After a fun day at the lake it was time to head back to camp. The 1.1 mile hike from the short to the rim is a tough one and Kristhawee enjoyed a nice nap on the way back to camp-

Sean gave him a balsa wood glider which Kristhawee really enjoyed building and flying-

For dinner we picked up a few cans of chili and some fresh veggies from the general store and Sean whipped up an awesome meal-

After dinner we all piled back into Sean’s car for a sunset hike to the Watchman, the highest viewpoint on the caldera rim-

Kristhawee at the base of the Watchman Trail with Crater Lake and Wizard Island in the background-

Kristhawee is super excited to visit Wizard Island tomorrow! So am I!

Snow on the trial! You know what that means- Snowball fight!!

My little guy is developing a pretty good arm- incoming!

We hustle up the trail but it doesn’t look like we’ll make the summit before the sun sets-

This trail isn’t very long but climbs a lot of vertical; my little dude is running out of gas

Gorgeous colors in all directions-

Sarah gives Kristhawee a helping hand-

With the sun setting to the west I reach a switchback in the trail and discover that the moon is rising just as the sun is setting! Wow, simply spectacular!

Moonrise over Crater Lake!

And there goes the sun!

With the sun set we still have a little way to go to reach the summit. Kristhawee gets a lift from Sean-

It’s not hard to understand why this is a sacred place for the local Native American tribes-

We made it to the top!

Sean and Sarah at the Watchman!

The bright moon reflected off the surface of Crater Lake-

Kristhawee doesn’t want to pose for a picture, but I love this one all the same!

We stayed up here long after everyone else had left. I’m glad we did

With the sun set it got chilly in a hurry- fortunately we came prepared- warm clothes, drinks and snacks (sorry Kristhawee, you’ll have to wait a few more years for the beer)

Finally it was time to head down, with flashlights and the moon to light our way. We discovered that with the sun down a lot of weird and interesting bugs came out in the moonlight-

Some kind of weird cricket?

Back in the car Kristhawee fell fast asleep on the drive back to Camp Mazama- sweet dreams my little prince! More adventures await us tomorrow!

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