Crater Lake with my boy and some new friends, Oregon, USA, July 2013

Good morning from Camp Mazama in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA!

The lights are on, but is anyone home?

Ah- that’s better!

First order of business is breakfast! One nice thing about camping here is there’s a general store walking distance from our campsite where I pick up some fresh eggs and coffee. Kristhawee is getting pretty good at whipping up cheddar cheese scrambled eggs

After breakfast we all jumped in Sean and Sarah’s car to drive to the Cleetwood Cove Trail which is the only trail that leads to the lake. To say Kristhawee was excited would be an understatement!

Crater Lake is such a vivid and surreal blue!

There’s the boat landing, way down below:

Sean, Kristhawee and Dad

Kristhawee is motoring along! He’s been dreaming of visiting Wizard Island for a year now!

Amazing color and clarity!

You can’t make them out in this picture, but the water is so clear that we could see the trout swimming around and regretted not bringing a fishing pole.

Loading the Umpqua for a cruise around Crater Lake-

We were hoping to take a boat tour to Wizard Island, but they were all booked out. Kristhawee was heartbroken that we couldn’t go to Wizard Island today- he was so excited to go!

Full house, no room for us today…

I bought tickets for the next day and tried my best to console my boy. Oh those silent tears!

A Crater Lake panorama taken at the Cleetwood Cove boat launch-

Sean and Kristhawee on the shore of Crater Lake-

We decided to test the water-

OMG it’s COLD!!! Crater Lake is the deepest lake in North American and the 9th deepest lake in the world. Due to it’s immense size and altitude the water temperature averages only 38°F (3°C)! To be fair, on a warm sunny day like today the surface water is warmer than that, but it’s still REALLY REALLY COLD!!!

Kristhawee went to far as to get his feet wet, but that’s about as far as he’d go!

There goes the boat to Wizard Island!

Some other boys showed up and they all had a good time chasing crawfish-

The lake is full of them- they are considered a non-native species, as are the trout, all introduced by the white man around some time in the early 1900’s

Hey! You caught one!

Picnic lunch of the shore of Crater Lake-

Some eye candy too

There’s a cliff where you can jump into the lake- pretty exhilarating when you hit the water. Sean jumped and is now swimming back to us-

I got a pretty good video of Sean jumping too-

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