Oakridge, Oregon to the North Umpqua Highway 138 via the Diamond Drive on a BMW K1200LT!

Just east of Oakridge we headed south towards Hills Creek Lake and the “Diamond Drive”- sounds promising!

Hills Creek Lake- beautiful!

National Forest 21 is a thing of beauty!

The highway follows the west shore of Hills Creek Lake-

Apologies for picture overload, but it’s hard to leave any out!

A cool bridge across Larison Cove-

We soon leave the lake behind and are once again in thick forest. We’ve transitioned from the Umpqua to the Willamette National Forest-

Tons of beautiful and deserted campgrounds along this road- Secret Campground above and Campers Flat below-

Indigo Springs certainly has a nice ring to it! Wow, tempting to stop along here somewhere, but we’re quite keen to get to Crater Lake…

Big Swamp Road… Don’t recall seeing that on Google Maps…

A bit further and the pavement ends…

Love the look on my son’s face- he’s like, “Dad, do you know where you’re going??!?”

Not sure if I missed a turn or what. These forest roads aren’t well marked. I pull out the iPad- even though I get no data signal here the device has cached the google maps and the GPS still works. It appears we’re still on track? Ask the little guy if he wants to turn around or push on. He votes to push on. Good on ya little dude!

The gravel road is in quite good repair, but where the gravel gets deep I struggle with the heavy K1200LT! There is NO ONE out here so I take it nice and easy. Don’t want to risk a break down or flop out here!

From the 2153 we eventually connect to the Timpanogas Road, NF2154-

The shadows are starting to get long. It’s real slow going on these gravel roads. I’m not too worried as we have food and a water filter, so we can always camp if we need to. Still, it would be nice if we could reach Crater Lake today-


Off in the distance a peak! That looks vaguely familiar. I think we’re approaching Mt Bailey?


Finally we’re back on a real road! The Rogue Umpqua Oregon Scenic Byway, aka the North Umpqua Highway 138, another road that’s now on my short list! http://traveloregon.com/trip-ideas/scenic-byways/rogue-umpqua-scenic-byway/

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