Motorcycle touring the Pacific Northwest with my son- Umpqua National Forest to Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA!

Good morning from Umpqua National Forest, Oregon, USA!

Wow, what a cool road- single lane, with occasional pullouts in case you run in to any oncoming traffic, which we didn’t. Had these roads all to ourselves!

We’re taking the road less traveled to Crater Lake National Park! Tight and twisty- a motard’s dream, but we take it nice and easy on the Land Yacht

This “road” is more like a footpath. Quite unusual for the US-

Started off in excellent repair and got rougher the further we went-

Gorgeous views in the Pacific Northwest!

This itty bitty road twisted through thick pine forest-

There were several sections that were unpaved…

I didn’t have a proper GPS and many of the forest roads aren’t well marked, but the occasional sign helped keep me going in the right direction towards the Willamette State Highway 58-

Man it would be fun to come back here with a big dirt bike and really explore these mountains!

Eventually we reach the beautiful Hills Creek Lake and the small town of Oakridge-

Along the north shore were ripe blackberries as far as the eye can see! We stopped here and pigged out!

We stopped in Oakridge for food and fuel, gorgeous day and we’re in excellent spirits!

It’s here that I learned that the Willamette State Highway 58 is closed for contruction to the east, so I jump on google maps and plot a new route:

I thought this route was all paved… Ooops!

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