Father and son visit Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA, July 2013

Highway 138 will take us to the North Entrance of Crater Lake National Park-

Passing Diamond Lake, we are getting close to our destination!

Almost there!

We’re in! Great road up to the lake-

I decided to ride around the lake clockwise as we’d not actually gone all the way around the previous summer. Our first glimpse of Crater Lake:

Even though the hour is late, it certainly merits stopping to get a better look!

Kristhawee is tickled pink that we’ve returned to his favorite National Park-

Continuing on- I think this was taken somewhere on the East Rim Drive-

The bright green lichen on the cliff face makes a nice contrast to the striking blue of the lake. Not bad for an ancient point and shoot Canon, eh?

This is Mount Scott, the highest point in Crater Lake National Park. If you look closely you can see the old stone watchtower on the peak-

Continuing on we spot the “Phantom Ship” island-

And there, on the far side of Crater Lake is Wizard Island, a volcano in a lake in a volcano!

We make another stop to take it all in-

Beautiful pine forest as far as the eye can see and you can just see the road snaking through the trees below. Not sure what sharp peak that is off in the distance-

4 miles from the junction to the Pinnacles Road which would take us to the Lost Creek Campground-

Happy Days!

I’d hoped to camp at the Lost Creek Campground where we’d stayed the previous summer, but we were informed by the Ranger at the entrance that the campground was closed due to drought and associated fire risk. The only other campground in the park is Mazama, so off we went! Arriving there with no reservation I wasn’t optimistic, and there was a long line of people in front of us, all looking for spots to camp… Struck up a conversation with the nice couple in front of us, Sean a student from California, and his friend Sarah from the UK. Asked them, semi-jokingly if they’d want to share a campsite with a well behaved 6 year old and his naughty dad and they surprised me by agreeing immediately. When our turn came they staff informed us that there were only RV sites left, but, beggars can’t be choosers, so we took one all the same. And what a spot it was! Wow- did we luck out!!

The spot was HUGE and very secluded. Not at all your “typical” RV spot at all. Wonderful! Sean and Sarah were the nicest people we met all summer- we became friends almost immediately and continue to stay in touch.

Kristhawee sure has a thing for bear boxes

It had been a LONG day! After setting up camp and throwing down a simple meal and tipping back some beers with Sarah and Sean we crashed out pretty early. Tomorrow will be a full day of exploring in Crater Lake National Park!

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