Exploring Bangkok’s Lumpini Park- Ground Zero for Thailand’s Anti-Government Protestors.

I really enjoyed Terry’s recent photos from Lumpini Park (http://teakdoor.com/thailands-travellers-tales/139199-lumpini-park-bangkok-protesters-ground-zero-15.html#post2731122) and was in the neighborhood yesterday so had a look around-

Waterfront camping- nice!

Extremely well organized and amazingly clean-

I wouldn’t mind spending a night camped out here-

A reminder of why these folks are here-

The anti-government protesters are well supplied with food and water-

The rice farmers are here too- I guess they STILL haven’t been paid??!?

Lumpini park is pretty big and some folks look like they’re planning to stay a while- check out the laundry-

Guards at every entrance, friendly enough towards a random foreigner, but red shirts are not welcome here!

More tent cities- reckon there must be several thousand people living in the park, way down from peak numbers, but read somewhere they are taking a break for the Songkran holiday.

They aren’t going to run out of water any time soon! Mountains of bottled water like this all over the place!

“Bring back beautiful Thailand”… Have to wonder if that’s possible anymore…

Loved this one: Thaksin getting clobbered by Suthep. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just put these guys in a ring and settle this once and for all?

Monks camping out too. Wonder if that’s his Benz??

Gorgeous hot day, nice to stroll around in the shade of Lumpini Park’s big trees-

Anti-government protester camps on the far side of the pond-

An interesting contrast between spotless Lumpini Park and the pigsty left over from the recent Red Shirt rally…

Hope everyone enjoys a fun and peaceful Songkran.

I think things will heat up again after the holiday…

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