Kawasaki MiniGP Round 1, 2014 at Bonanza Circuit, Thailand!

Let the Good Times ROLL!

© Y. Chuemthaisong. All Rights Reserved.

Met up with the fellas at McD near Red Baron this morning for a fun blast to Bonanza Circuit to watch Round 1 of the Kawasaki MiniGP!

Looks like Rob and Brian are about to scrap, dunnit?

  • Robert Mclean I think this photo warrants a Caption Me contest. My pick
    i) this town ain’t big enough for the two of us Ennion
    ii) I know you were at Soi Cowboy the other night bitch
    iii) you better ask yourself punk….. Did I just fill up with 95 or 91. Well did I punk
    iv) you said when I rang you it was long sleeves. Now I look all silly

  • Jake Kawasaki V) give us a kiss

  • Robert Mclean vi) what you left my sparkly hat at Soi cowboy WTF

Eclectic mix of bikes! KLX 250, CBR250, Ninja 650R, ER6n, Versys, Z800, GSXR1000, Ninja 1000, Multistrada!

Beautiful day, but getting HOT! A pleasant ride east on the 304, then north on the 3481. Fast bikes waiting for slow bikes just outside of Prachin Buri

Plan was to ride AROUND Khao Yai National Park as they have been enforcing noise limits on vehicles and we knew most of us would fail, but as we’d pass within meters of the gate we decided to give it a shot and, much to my surprise, we all got in!

Nice Thai guy on a brand new Busa joined us-

Welcome to Bonanza Circuit, Khao Yai! Nice turnout!

YY found his next bike?

We had arrived just as one of the 250 races was ending after which everyone took a break for lunch while the Thai Stunt Team put on a great show-


Ninja 300

Pretty trick Ninja 300 stunt bike Look at the size of that rear sprocket!

Burn rubber baby!

Z800 stunt bike with THREE calipers on the back disc!


Z250 stunt bike-

Burn baby burn!

Was great to see lots of old friends!

Ken Sakamoto taking good care of his mechanics- this guy is the most un-Japanese manager I’ve ever met, and I mean that in a good way!

© Y. Chuemthaisong. All Rights Reserved.

Lots of eye candy too

© Y. Chuemthaisong. All Rights Reserved.

© Y. Chuemthaisong. All Rights Reserved.

© Y. Chuemthaisong. All Rights Reserved.

650cc open class race!

Pray for good luck!

On the grid-

Warm up lap-

10 lap race-

And they’re off!

Micky Walker takes the lead early on-

Bonanza Circuit continues to improve their track and facilities.

Micky widens his lead-

Fun track, after that long sweeping right you’ve got a left up the hill-

You don’t need to look back Micky- no one’s gonna catch you bro!

Headed for another win- congrats Micky!

Nicely done everyone!

Good times with Team Green!

We stuck around and watched the liter bikes race- nothing like the sound of a 1000cc machine screaming down the straight! ZX10Rs, Z1000s and one Z800-

Some good battles!

We were invited to ride the track at 3pm, but in the interest of getting home before dark we passed and headed on home. Satonic was given an umbrella by YSS but couldn’t figure out how to carry it… Down the back of his suit was not an ideal solution…

So, I busted out some duct tape and sorted him out

Poor Lawrence- he hasn’t been on a bike in years and Satonic lent him his KLX with off road knobblies- really NOT the ideal bike for a ~400km road trip…

(he stopped on the hard shoulder and went to put his foot down, apparently not realizing that the soft shoulder was a good bit lower, found only air and promptly rolled into the storm gutter! Bike undamaged and the only thing Lawrence hurt was his pride

A good whack through the park and back into Bangkok where we hit up Chef Tu’s Daddy Do for an excellent dinner. A perfect way to end a perfect day!

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