Dirtbiking in Laos! Pak Lay to who-knows-where!

Pak Lay marks the end of our Mekong cruise and from here the guys on the big bikes will ride down to and cross back into Thailand at Loei, while Brian, Oddvar and myself on dirtbikes will try to sniff out a trail across the mountains to Muang Fuang.

Our dear leader and the man who made this adventure possible has to return to Thailand by bus as his bike got busted up on day one. I rolled over to the bus station to say thanks and goodbye! A lovely Laotian lass snapped this pic; bike or no bike David sure knows how to chat up the ladies!

Then off to meet the other fellows and off we go! Just north of Pak Lay is a pretty cool suspension bridge:

We stayed off the highway as much as possible and rode dirt trials that follow the mighty Mekong-

Fantastic views along the way!

The steeper the hill the deeper the bull dust!

Our destination this morning is the riverside village of Muangtiap, also called Ban Phaliep, where there is rumored to be a ferry that can get us across the Mekong. Reached Muangtiap and what looks like a boat landing, but no sign of the ferry…

Gorgeous spot tho! Our gps track overlayed onto Google earth:

Maybe that cow can tell us where the ferry’s at?

My first time riding with Oddvar, and certainly not my last- great guy in every respect!

Hmmm, are these little boats the “ferry”?

Back up the hill we ask the locals which way to the ferry and they indicate it’s several km north of town. Cool! While we’re here we grab lunch and some bevies and take in the vibe of rural Laotian village life-

Our cook is still in her pajamas I think?

Her sister was smoking hot but really camera shy. Lunch is served!

Then we follow the villager’s instructions and sure enough, there’s a tiny little sign pointing to a single track that appears to end at a farm, but push through the farm and there’s a steep little trail that leads down to the bank of the river:

On the west shore of the Mekong, you can see the trail we’re trying to get to on the other side:

The “ferry” is really nothing more than an oversized canoe with a long tail motor on the back.

A final pic of my KLX, in case I never see her again!

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