Cruising the Mekong from Luang Prabang to Pak Lay, Laos with the GT-Riders!

Once past the rather disturbing Xayaboury dam site the mighty Mekong returned to her natural beauty-

She’s got many faces- sometimes wide and calm like this stretch, in other places, narrow, fast flowing and dangerous.

Stunning limestone cliffs near Muangtiap-

On the right side of the river we passed the tiny village of Muangtiap where there’s rumored to be a ferry- more on that soon!

Robert had an impressive collection of tunes on his phone but couldn’t get them to play, so the fellas had to put up with my music instead!!!

Thanks for not throwing me overboard fellas!

Gold panners living on the beach-

This little kid was a hoot! His babysitter wasn’t bad either

We kept the beers flowing and the tunes pumping all the way to Pak Lay- awesome was the word of the day!!

Arrival Pak Lay!

One last selfie with the lovely Khammy! Hope to see you again soon!

One for the road!

The group got a bit split up wandering around Pak Lay looking for a guesthouse that I guess doesn’t exist?

I gave up the hunt and stopped at the Saiyadeth Guesthouse right on the river with Dave and Robert while the rest of the group went up the hill to the Nana Guesthouse.

Saiyadeth guest house in Pak Lai, Laos! Not nearly as deadly as it sounds!

Great location directly across the street from a fantastic Lao restaurant on the shore of the mighty Mekong River.

Awesome restaurant right across the street with deck seating right on the river. The Lao dudes at the table next to us pulled out a big ornate bong and started doing huge hits right in the restaurant! Gotta love Laos baby!!

Saiyadeth Guesthouse, Pak Lai, Laos: 50,000 kip/night for big clean rooms with hot water and fan. 80,000 kip/night for aircon room.

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One thought on “Cruising the Mekong from Luang Prabang to Pak Lay, Laos with the GT-Riders!

  1. Brilliant article. Great photos. It’s a relaxing ride, but can get very noisy!

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