Cruising the Mekong from Luang Prabang to Pak Lay, Laos with the GT-Riders!

All aboard for the GT-Rider Mekong cruise from Luang Prabang to Pak Lay, Laos!

Bikes safely stowed! Not my pic, I think it’s David’s or Jurgen’s and hope they won’t mind me sharing it here. © to the photographer!

Oh wait, hold on, wrong boat! The pic above is from the cruise from Houay Xai on the first boat. Anyway, still worth sharing I think!

The Beer Lao was cold and plentiful! A new sticker for my KLX!

Thick fog shortly after our departure forced an unplanned stop-

Was nice actually, we could get off the boat and wander around while waiting for the fog to clear. I didn’t realize it, but we were walking distance from a nearby village and Jurgen and Dave and a couple other guys wandered over there and apparently made a big impression on the school kids. Jurgen has some fantastic pictures that I look forward to seeing on a big screen!

Fog cleared we’re back on our way!

The skipper was training a relative to navigate the river- I believe he owns more than one boat, so obviously needs people he can trust to pilot the other ones.

Just love how they “bless” the wheel!

You have to remember, these boats have no radar, GPS, depth finder, etc. The navigation is all by sight and memory!

Was nice to see lovely Khammy again, the skippers feisty daughter

And she brought along a couple friends as well

Not only can they drink, one of them crafted this cool little spider from the foil on the bottle- impressive innit??

Beer Lao foil spider

Gawd Khammy sure is into the “selfie” thing!

Can’t get too frisky tho, cuz “Big Momma” has always got an eye on you!!

What a lunch though! Once again, simply amazed at how they can cook up such a spread in their primitive little galley in the back of the boat!

Fantastic food and way more than we could eat!

After lunch I think Dave wanted to take a nap… Sweet dreams Dave!

But I guess Richard wasn’t going to let that happen. Started off innocently enough with a banana in Dave’s ear and quickly escalated!

Laos’ first MMA brawl on a boat featuring “Nanu Nanu” Dave and “Frankenfoot” Richard! I about peed myself from laughing so hard!

Khammy’s selfies never stop!!

I can’t remember what bridge this is… I think it connects Xayaboury to Muang Nan? Looks pretty new-

Certainly the best seat in the house is right on the nose of the boat where you have the wind in your face and can really take in the sights and sounds of the mighty Mekong!

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