Visiting the beautiful Kouang Si Waterfalls near Luang Prabang, Laos!

Good morning from Luang Prabang, Laos!!

It was going to be a hot day and I was keen to re-visit the Kouang Xi Waterfall that is about 30km south of the city.

I’ve seen it spelled a myriad of ways- Kuang Si or Kouang Si, Kwang Xi; it doesn’t matter how you spell it, it’s a magical place!

The road is in great shape and it’s a fun ride over hills, through valleys, across one lane wooden bridges and through a lot of small villages.

2000 Kip to park the bike and another 20,000 Kip to get into the park, which is also home to a bear rescue center which you pass on the short hike to the falls-

The bears were mostly sleeping but I understand they wake up and perform tricks at their feeding time which is around noon.

Gorgeous turquoise pools and shockingly cold- I am assuming these falls are spring fed as they flow year round.

Big Dave being a wuss! C’mon dude, if the French girl can jump in, so can you!!! One the count of three!!!

The cold water feels great!!

Looks like something out of a Monet painting, doesn’t it?

Ok, maybe not!

We shared the pool with some lovely European girls


Love it here!

Eventually we hiked on up to the main falls-

There is a trail that takes you to the top of the falls-

Beware, it’s a tough climb and a slip could be disastrous!

Noi, a lovely Laotion on holiday from Vientiane and sporting a sharp little dress blazed up in her fancy little red city shoes that matched her purse while Dave and I huffed and puffed to get to the top

Didn’t help we were hauling a fair bit of gear

C’mon Dave! You can do it!

Made it to the top! Well worth the effort!!

They put up a fence at the top of the falls which is a smart idea because the rocks are slippery and it wouldn’t take much to accidentally go over the edge!

And it’s a long way down!

Pretty awesome view from up here!

From the top there is a trail that leads to a nearby village-

No way I’m going to walk 3km but I do want to see if there’s a way to get here on my dirtbike

The hike down was perhaps even tougher than the hike up, but we made it and rewarded ourselves with some cold Beer Laos from the coffee shop at an idyllic spot-

These pools go on and on and on and the place was surprisingly uncrowded for a weekend.

Bit further down we spotted a crazy French chick who fancied herself a monkey

One thing I really like about the Kwang Xi Waterfall is that it seems to attract as many Laotians as it does foreign tourists-

We were all a bit hungry after all the hiking around and hit one of the restaurants that’s at the entrance to the park. Typical Laotian fare- grilled chicken, sticky rice and papaya salad aka Somtum. All good though the Somtum was a bit bland, so our new friend Noy kicked the cook out of the kitchen and made us another Somtum

Lovely lovely woman, we really hit it off!

Adorable little girl covered in ice cream-

Noy’s Somtum was anything but bland!!

In fact, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d have to call it nuclear! Just look at Dave’s face!!! (And he loves to eat spicy food!)

You can almost see the smoke coming out his ears!!

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