Epic Awesomness! Cruising the Mekong with the GT-Riders! Part 1: Leaving Bangkok

After last year’s unforgettable cruise and ride I’ve been looking forward to Round 2 for a long time!

The day has finally arrived, bags are packed, bike serviced, let’s head north to Chiang Mai to join the rest of the group!

Gave myself plenty of extra time to navigate my way around the “Shut Down Bangkok” anti-government protesters and reached the main Bangkok Hualomphong Station without incident. Always get interesting looks when walking my bike into the station

Leave your bike by the “Scales” booth, then walk in a buy a ticket.

2nd class air con sleeper to Chiang Mai just 881 Baht:

Once you’ve got your ticket then you go to the Scales booth to pay for the bike. About 900 Baht for the ticket and 1200 Baht for the bike. Cheap as chips!

Had some time to kill so chilled out at the coffee shop on the second floor and enjoyed the people watching-

Backpackers who carry more than they weigh always crack me up

Had dinner at the station, stashed a few beers in my hydration pack and boarded the train for Chiang Mai expecting to crash out early, but discovered I was sharing a cabin with some gregarious young Germans who were packing tunes and were in the mood to party; ended up having a grand old time on the ride up to Chiang Mai

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