Riding west from Omkoi to Mae Ngao National Park, Thailand!

We’re making great time and continue west from Na Kian in the direction of Mae Ngao National Park.

We get off the main road and back into the wilderness- I’m loving it!!

Awesome views despite the haze-

Passing by another small village-

A junction in the middle of nowhere marked by a huge picture of Thailand’s beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej-

Turn left here and begin a steep descent to the Mae Hong River, spot a small village on the far side of the valley-

Enjoying the view!

The road down to the river is very steep, slippery and fun!

It occurs to me that that village, clinging to the steep slope on the opposite side of the valley, could be at serious risk from landslides the way they’ve clear but the mountain above them. Right now everything is nice and green, but in a few months is will be dry and brown, then the monsoon rains come in the spring and there are always stories of villages getting buried in mudslides…

I was quite surprised to find such a large bridge at the bottom of the valley. This road seems to get very little use…

Saw a sign pointing to a trail that leads up river to the Mae Kaeng Waterfall, but we were not in the mood to go hiking in all of our gear so pressed on.

Came across a cool mountain stream where we made a brief stop to wash some of the dust from our faces.

The road up this side of the valley was just as steep as the road down the other side had been. Loving it, but imagine it’s got to be nearly impossible to travel here during the rainy season?

The village we had spotted from the other side of the valley is Ban Mae Hong Klang:

Here comes Dave!

This is a lot steeper than it looks!

Wow, they sure do have quite a view from their village!!

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