Riding from Chiang Mai to Omkoi, Thailand!

Bags are packed, bikes are ready, let’s hit the road!!

Dave showed me a super cool “back way” into Doi Inthanon National Park

Instead of battling down the congested 108 to Hang Dong, you turn west at Yu Wa and ride the 1013 west through Mae Win and then the 1284 south which brings you into Doi Inthanon National Park from the north. Brilliant roads, fantastic scenery, no traffic, and for some reason, no charge to enter the park if you go this way.

Once inside the park we road up the 1009 less than a mile before turning left and heading up the ripper of a road which turns to dirt-

We reached the small village of Ban Khun Ya Sakha, also called Mae Ya Noi where we stopped for some drinks-

FYI- they’ve got fuel here, if you need it.

The next bit was fantastic, winding through hills and valleys and passing through some small villages-

Quite in the middle of nowhere we came across a series of helipads. No evidence of a military base here. No idea what these are used for…

Some more random pics-

They’re not burning the fields in earnest yet, but the views were a bit hazy…

Eventually we reached the small town of Om Lang and we made a quick fuel stop that’s run by some super friendly folk-

After that the pavement resumes and we made good time to the 1088 south, then west on the 108 and finally south on the 1099 to Omkoi.

Stopped at a restaurant that’s on your left as you come in to town and they served up some amazing food! Sorry, can’t remember the name of the place, but highly recommended!!

It was getting late and we were keen to camp out so we hit the 7-11 just down the street for some supplies, then road west out of town, following the Mae Ramit river until we spotted a decent looking farmer’s shack in some terraced rice paddies- looked like just the place!

The temperature was dropping fast and it was going to be nice to have a roof over our heads tonight!

Here’s the GPS track for the day: http://www.asianconnection71.com/2014-01-30%2010.22.24%20Day.gpx

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