Riding dirt bikes to Mae Ngao National Park, Thailand!

Cruising along! We’ve crossed the Mae Hong river and are getting close to Mae Ngao National Park!

More gorgeous scenery and views!

A particularly steep and slippery slope- thought Dave might struggle here (his bike is geared for road), but he motored up just fine

A bit further on Dave is ahead of me and we’re working our way down another steep slippery hill when all of a sudden I lose him in a big cloud of dust. When the air clears I see his bike on its side and Dave a ways down the hill. Ooops!

Can you see how deep the bull dust is? Mad respect to Dave for undertaking this ride on a road bike with 17″ wheels!!

Dave is pissed and in pain. I yell at him to sit down and chill while I try to find a place to park my bike so I can lend him a hand. It’s so steep here that I can’t use my side stand. End up just putting the bike in gear and leaning it against the side of the road-

It’s funny here, no matter where you are, locals always pop out of the bushes when you crash. We continued down the steep hill and ended up in another small village where everyone came out to stare at us. Turns out Dave had landed squarely on his head, but his Arai did it’s job. What was really bothering him was his right knee…

We were both running low on water and replenished our hydration packs from the village’s water supply. I didn’t bother with my water filter, just added some iodine to my pack, shook it up, and waited a good ~15-20 minutes before drinking. Dave has a Life Straw along and put it to good use. Finally, once we’d cooled down and got our heads on straight we got back on the bikes and carried on.

Dave’s hydraulic clutch master cylinder was leaking and giving him trouble. That may have contributed to his crash. Well, there’s no way to rebuild it here, so let’s hope it holds together until we reach civilization!

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