An epic motorcycle ride from Omkoi to Mae Ngao National Park, Thailand.

Dave was in pain and no longer enjoying himself. Fortunately we didn’t have much farther to go. Unfortunately for Dave, the trails didn’t get any easier…

Continuing west!

Mae Ngao National Park directly ahead!

Love this Kawasaki KLX! It’s not fancy, but it’s cheap, super reliable and never gives me problems

Passing some Thai buffalo on the trail- with their immense size and sharp horns they look a bit menacing but are usually quite docile-

Finally we are in the National Park!

The main attraction of the park is the Mae Ngao river- clean and clear and supposedly good for fishing. The park grounds are immaculate.

We’d talked about camping in the park but Dave needs to get some ice on his knee asap so we decide to whack it up the 105 to Mae Sarieng.

Bye bye Mae Ngao National Park! Hope to come explore around here again soon!

We check in to the lovely Riverhouse Resort and I help Dave get his gear up to his 2nd floor room. He’s worried he might not be able to make it down the stairs in the morning… Well, we can worry about that when we get there! Pop some pills, get some ice on the knee and chill out dude!

I enjoyed some sunset beers on the deck overlooking the Salaween River- nice!

Go check on Dave and the ice and ibuprofen seem to be working so we wander over the to Beng’s Sawasdee Bar for a fantastic dinner before calling it a night.

What a ride! Original plan had been to do a loop, returning to Omkoi via other trails to the south, but with Dave’s tweaked knee and leaking clutch we both agreed he ought to head back to Chiang Mai via the most direct route, while I’d continue on my own and rendezvous with him in a couple days to watch the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl.

This month is already booked up with rides so I’m hoping I can get back to Omkoi again some time in March. Can’t wait!!

Here is the GPX file again for the trails and roads we rode from Omkoi to Mae Ngao National Park:

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