A brilliant ride from Omkoi to Mae Ngao National Park, Thailand!

Mae Ngao National Park has been on my short list for a long time!
Last week I was finally on my way!!

Got the bike loaded on the train and we slowly worked our way north towards Chiang Mai. About 800 baht for the ticket and about 1200 baht for the bike.

Some other “weekend warriors” recently rode some of the trails between Omkoi and Mae Ngao and said it was spectacular. I’ve managed to sniff out a number of different routes that will take us west from Omkoi towards the 105 and Mae Ngao. FYI, all these trails are available for FREE on Openstreetmap and Google Maps. There’s some monkey in Chiang Mai trying to sell these tracks for several thousand baht!

Seems there are at least two ways to go. Southwest towards Sop Khong:

Or Northwest towards Na Kian:

Either way looks great and I’m hoping to do a big loop; will flip a coin to decide if we’ll do it clockwise or counter clockwise.

I was a bit apprehensive about taking the train as it’s been falling off the tracks a lot lately, but I figured it goes so darn slow that even if it did derail, the chances of injury are pretty slim If you’re not in a hurry it’s a great way to travel!

A few beers before bed and I actually got some sleep, then enjoyed the sunrise as we rolled through the mountains southeast of Lampang-

I enjoyed a terrible coffee and a fairly decent rice soup for breakfast-

I’d spent the previous day running around Bangkok getting ready for the ride, and the anti government blockades of many major intersections slowed me down quite a bit.

Still, made it to the new 320SP shop over in Wong Wian Yai-

And couldn’t find my bivy sack so made a run to TrekkingThai for a Siam Hammock:

I’d hoped to get new tires put on the bike before going to the train station but ran out of time. Current tires were well shagged…

I made some inquiries from the train and you all replied with some great suggestions:
Where to get off road tires in Chiang Mai?

Thanks again to all who replied! Owe you all a round!!

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