Father and Son at the 2013 BMW MOA Rally in Salem, Oregon!

I picked up Kristhawee from the kids pavilion in the early afternoon; got there just as they were giving the Monarch butterflies their afternoon feed-


Sounds like my boy had had a fun day- Kristhawee won another animal, this time a moose to go along with the turkey he’d won the day before!

There was a fun “shuttle” that made the rounds of the rally grounds at the Oregon State Fairgrounds- it consisted of hay bales on a trailer and Kristhawee jumped on the shuttle every chance he got

Kristhawee really wanted to ride the chair lift, but looks to me like it hasn’t run in years…

Lots and lots of bikes!!

I took advantage of the DIY oil change station to service the Land Yacht-

Thanks BMW MOA! All I needed was oil and a filter; the BMW MOA volunteers supplied everything else!

That evening Kristhawee and I decided to take a break from the rally and go for a walk in Salem. A quick peek at Google Maps revealed a large park nearby and the one thing missing from the Oregon State Fairgrounds was a proper playground. We walked about a mile south of the fairgrounds to Englewood City Park and Kristhawee burned off some of his incredible energy-

Nice park full of big old oak trees and a nice playground. Lots of kids for Kristhawee to play with too!

Around sunset we decided to find some dinner. We wandered east on Market Street until we came to the very welcoming Willamette Valley Grill-

The lot was full of bikes and we hadn’t enjoyed a proper sit-down meal in a real restaurant in a while so this was a nice treat.

After a big dinner my little guy was falling asleep on his feet and I ended up carrying him for a good chunk of the long walk back to our tent at the Oregon State Fairgrounds

Going to the BMW MOA Rally was an unexpected treat for my son and me. Everyone we met there was friendly and welcoming, and it was an eye opening introduction to the BMW scene and culture.

I’m hoping Kristhawee and I can make it to the 2014 BMW MOA Rally in Minnesota this coming summer, though timing wise it might be a bit tough to get there in time…

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One thought on “Father and Son at the 2013 BMW MOA Rally in Salem, Oregon!

  1. Tony, I am so glad you had such a great experience at the rally with your son. I know you will treasure these trips always! 🙂

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