Father and son ride to the 2013 BMW MOA Rally in Salem, Oregon, July 2013

The windows in the Dee Wright Observatory are cut to specifically highlight the neighboring mountains. My point and shoot couldn’t capture the inside of this structure very well at all-

Here’s a much better picture I found on the net:

Kristhawee with Mount Washington in the background; the snow covered mountain on the right is Mount Jefferson-

Pretty cool isn’t it little dude?

Father and son at McKenzie Pass, Oregon!

A final look at the Sisters before we jump back on the bike and hit the road!

What a gorgeous road- reckon the McKenzie Highway should be in the top 20 motorcycle roads in the US

The 242 ends at a T-junction and we hang a right and ride north on the 126, aka McKenzie Pass and Santiam Pass Oregon Scenic Byway

Who comes up with these road names?! The “Over the Rivers and Through the Woods Oregon Scenic Byway”?!

Turns out this is the South Santiam Highway 20; I missed the turn to the North Santiam Highway 20, but no matter- this was a beautiful road and great ride!

Some people hate signs like these, but bikers love ’em!

We made good time to Salem; I knew that the BMW MOA Rally was taking place at the Fair Grounds but didn’t know how to get there. Wasn’t too hard to find tho!

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3 thoughts on “Father and son ride to the 2013 BMW MOA Rally in Salem, Oregon, July 2013

  1. I don’t know if it’s just me, but this is the first of your posts where I could not see the pics. Just thought you might want to know.

    • Oh dear, thank you very much for the heads up. That was strange- I couldn’t see them either, but when I clicked on “edit” I could see them again… Gremlins!!

      • Ha, definitely gremlins! the weird thing was that I could see the second picture, the one you found on the net, but not the others. Now I can see them all, wonderful pics and great story!

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