Camping with my boy at Phillips Lake, Oregon. Father and son motorcycle road trip 2013

I didn’t really have a destination in mind today- we were just headed in the general direction of Crater Lake since I’d promised my son we’d re-visit his favorite National Park. By the time we reached Baker City it was mid afternoon. We topped up the Land Yacht and grabbed some food for dinner and breakfast the following morning and rode south and west on Sumpter Stage Highway 7 until we reached Philips Lake where we saw signs for camping- let’s check it out!

There are a number of campgrounds around the lake and we checked a few out before choosing a primitive campground on the south side of the lake. Somebody wants to go fishing!

Kristhawee fishing in Phillips Lake, Oregon

My happy boy! Life is good!!!

This “lake” is really more of a reservoir, so the water wasn’t so very cold. Somebody wants to go for a swim?

The sun stays up so late this time of year but the shadows are getting long. Our campground shortly before sunset-

On the menu tonight: Pasta Alfredo with tuna and mixed veggies- wow, that’s two healthy dinners in a row!

A late evening panorama-

The Land Yacht is tucked in for the night

Quite a lovely sunset this evening-

Kristhawee walked down to the lake with me to help with the dishes- good boy

We scrounged up some wood for a fire and watched the stars some out. Kristhawee is so adorable- I’d taught him this little poem last summer and he repeated it every night at the first star:

“Star light, star bright,
The first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight”

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