Riding to Imnaha, Oregon with my son on a big BMW K1200LT

Our friends needed to get back to Walla Walla so we said farewell in Joseph and headed East Northeast on highway 350 towards the tiny town of Imnaha on the Snake River-

Another gorgeous day for a ride! You may recall I have a thing for abandoned buildings-

Hard to imagine skiiing on a warm sunny day like today!

Yet you can see the ski slopes off in the distance at the base of Mount Howard-

The ride to Imnaha on the Little Sheep Creek Highway is fantastic and I was kind of surprised how few bikes we saw along this stretch-

Expansive views as we slowly descend towards the Snake River-

The only thing that kept me from really whacking it was the thought of deer popping out of the shrubbery- this is prime deer habitat and we spotted a lot!

Mile 25; we’ve almost reached Imnaha-

Ha! Now I know why there wasn’t so much traffic! After Imnaha the Little Sheep Creek Highway ends and after we cross the Snake River the road turns to a “Primitive Road” aka gravel and dirt!
26 miles of gravel and dirt…

This is the Upper Imnaha Road and it looks like it’d be a ripper on a dirt bike, but on the fully loaded Land Yacht this is not fun at all…

I rode south about a mile in 2nd gear before I decided this probably wasn’t a smart or safe way to go. The road was completely deserted, it was getting late, and if I dropped the bike I’d have to unload it before I’d be able to pick it up. I decided we’d turn around and return the way we came, but first we stopped to stretch our legs and see if the fish were biting :mrgreen:
Kristhawee fishing on the Imnaha River, northeastern Oregon

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