Lake Wallowa Tramway and Mount Howard, Oregon! July 2013

Good morning from Lake Wallowa, Oregon!

I was COLD last night but we stayed nice and warm in Scott’s pop-up camper.

Kristhawee lecturing Perrin on the dangers of sharp sticks

Perrin didn’t seem impressed, but what an awesome Dr Seuss shirt, eh?

The kids had fun running around the campground while we worked on breakfast-

After breakfast we headed over to catch the Lake Wallowa Gondola up to the top of Mount Howard-

(not my pic, obviously )

The gondola climbs 3700′ and drops you near the 4000′ summit of Mount Howard, offering spectacular views along the way. (

Kristhawee and Perrin were pretty excited to find snow at this elevation and of course snow balls went flying

Spectacular views in all directions!

There are a number of trails that head off into the mountains or loop down and bring you back to Lake Wallowa. No time today, but would be good fun to go hiking here in the future!

Kristhawee and Perrin were enjoying themselves immensely. So was I!

More amazing views- can you see the trail that climbs up the ridge on the right side of the picture? Must return here for a backcountry hiking trip some day!!

Scott and Perrin-

Perrin taking a rest- the air is a bit thin up here!

Kristhawee and Perrin discovered a large family of ground squirrels living in burrows under the trees-

Cute critters! They certainly looked well fed!

Extremely tame! I told Kristhawee not to get too close; he pretty much ignored me

These critters were everywhere!

The kids did their best to lure them in-

We went for a short hike that loops around the summit of Mount Howard. Red pinecones- never seen that before!

Kristhawee the naturalist capturing grasshoppers

I’ll never get tired of these spectacular alpine views!

There were some parasailers taking advantage of the strong updrafts on the north facing slope of Mount Howard-

Kristhawee seemed more interested in the not-so-wild “wildlife though

All fun and games until someone gets bitten!

Kristhawee you are really pushing your luck little man!

Safety in numbers??

These rodents are damn cute though!

Para-sailing looks like a lot of fun!

And he’s off!

Bon Voyage!

He must have an amazing view from up there!

Alright kids! Time to say goodbye to the chipmunk!

Or not…

I was quite relieved that these rodents don’t seem to care for the taste of man flesh My son escaped unbitten View from the window of the Lake Wallowa Gondola during out descent:

And we’re off! Good bye Lake Wallowa! Hope to visit again soon!

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