Father and son camping on Lick Creek, Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, Oregon

We backtracked about 20 miles on the Big Sheep Creek Road, eventually turning south onto the smaller National Forest “Wallowa Mountain Loop” road-

The Wallowa Mountain Loop Road is simply gorgeous- narrow and twisty, winding through thick forest and deep canyons-

It was getting late so after about 15 miles I pulled off at a small National Forest Campground on Lick Creek- Satellite view:

The campground was nearly deserted and grabbed a nice spot right on the creek-

There was one other couple in the campground and they came over to say hi and Kristhawee was quite taken with their friendly cat, named DUMPSTER!
(He got that name because that’s where he was found- in a dumpster!)

Another look at our spot:
Some kind soul(s) left us a nice pile of chopped firewood- thank you very much, whoever you are! http://www.asianconnection71.com/wai

Kristhawee and I splashed around in Lick Creek for a bit- it had been a warm day and the ice cold water was very refreshing! There were lots of small fish but nothing big enough to warrant getting out the fishing pole.

We’d worked up an appetite with the hiking earlier in the day and a full afternoon on the bike- tonight’s dinner was beer stroganoff and corn! :dg
After dinner we relaxed around a nice fire, chatting as we watched the stars come out. It doesn’t get much better than this!! :kumbaya

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