Sol Duc Campground, Olympic National Park, Washington, USA

Once we got back to our campsite we tried to help Dave find a tree big enough to support his hammock

After trying a few different spots he eventually anchored himself to a large dead tree, which promptly fell over when he got into the hammock, almost landing him in the river below You had to be there- it was damn funny!!

Kristhawee and I wandered down to the river and he got to building cairns out of stone and making a whole backstory to go with them

Quality time with my boy

We discovered that the rocks were full of these cool little spiders. Their abdomens blend in perfectly with the surrounding stones-

Scrambling around along the banks of the Sol Duc River- there were a lot of deer wandering around here-

You can just see the Land Yacht and Dave’s hammock in the upper right-

Spotted a cool looking centipede-


Poor Dave was trying to take a nap, but Kristhawee put an end to that plan!

Later that evening we attended a Ranger talk about Cougars-

Pretty interesting stuff, though smart **** Dave did his best to try and piss off the ranger by asking questions like, “What do they taste like?”

(You gotta understand that Dave is a hunter, and taking him to a national park where he can’t shoot stuff really messes with his head!)

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