Pearrygin Lake State Park to Leavenworth, Washington, USA!

Good morning from Pearrygin Lake State Park, Washington, USA!

Kristhawee has befriended some really nice kids the evening before and was eager to hang out with them again. Harrison was my son’s age and he had a collection of Ninjago books and it was fun and heart warming watching these six year olds reading together. Kristhawee had told me on a couple occasions that he can’t read yet, but as you see, it just takes an interesting book to give him the motivation.

And here’s Kristhawee showing off his shoe lace tying skills to Harrison

He’s got it figured out! I’m very proud of him!

I’d seen the evening before that Sheri’s Sweet Shop in Winthrop bakes fresh Cinnamon rolls every morning and that sounded like just the thing for breakfast so we jumped on the Land Yacht for a short ride back in to town- Father and Son in Winthrop, Washington!

The cinnamon rolls were just out of the oven and oh so good!

Check out what I found in front of Sheri’s Sweet Shop? Chiang Mai, only 7208 miles away!

Kristhawee wanted to play with the sidewalk chalk again. Go for it!

It was getting warm so we headed back to Pearrygin Lake to cool off!

Come on in, the water’s fine!

Kristhawee had a great time playing with all the kids and their parents were super nice and invited us to join them for a BBQ lunch that really hit the spot!

Harrison and Kristhawee looking pensive after lunch-

Back in the water!

It can’t be summer without dandelions! Make a wish and blow!

Kristhawee didn’t want to go, but finally I had to drag him away from his new friends and get him ready for our short ride to the quirky Bavarian-themed town of Leavenworth a couple hours to the south-

Time to hit the road!

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