Maritime Heritage Park, Bellingham, Washington

Some more pics from Bellingham- this is in the Maritime Heritage Park, also walking distance from Dave’s house-

Respect to Ride West because they are crazy busy but have a policy to put out-of-town riders at the front of the queue. I got a call from them on the 26th that the Final Drive was ready, so blasted on down on Dave’s VFR to pick it up. Throwing down ~$1200 for the rebuild was a bit of a bummer, but it is what it is! Got the bike put back together, made new footpeg risers and readjusted the harness for the little guy as he’s grown a lot since last summer-

He’s looking eager to ride!

Finally we are ready to hit the road!!!

We’re going to meet my aunt and uncle and cousins in Olympic National Park!

Let’s hit the road!!

Super happy that Dave is joining us, and Eric will meet us along the way too!

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One thought on “Maritime Heritage Park, Bellingham, Washington

  1. Bellingham looks very nice, we will have to visit when we are out there…one day!

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