Lake Quinault, Olympic National Park, Washington, USA

Good morning from Lake Quinault, Olympic National Park, Washington, USA!

Kristhawee got busy picking wild Salmonberries and Huckleberries- a nice snack before breakfast!

Even our bikes are enjoying the view!

After a hearty breakfast we packed up and hit the road-

We headed back up the coast in the direction of Hoh Rainforest, making some stops along the way to check out the beautiful coastline-

Kristhawee and Marcia, or “Baby Kitty” and “Momma Kitty” as they like to call themselves

Some pretty cool formations!

Kristhawee hitched a ride with Sean. It’s funny; I used to carry Sean on my shoulders when he was Kristhawee’s age!

Kristhawee and Sean at Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park-

A little further up the coast we head inland, following the Hoh River to the Hoh Rainforest-

So green!!

This place gets over 200 inches of rain every year and is cold and wet most of the time, but we’ve lucked out and hit it on a warm sunny day!

Moss everywhere!

My little guy is pretty good at catching rides- here he’s brought Timo along for a ride on Rochelle’s shoulders-

I have never seen mosses and lichens in such abundance and volume!

We set off down the Hall Of Mosses Trail to take in the sights-

I brought along Kristhawee’s Junion Ranger workbook and we worked on it as we hiked-

Unbelievably clear water in this small stream-

Rochelle and Kristhawee spotting fish-

On the road again we headed north to the little town of Forks, once a logging town, more recently it’s been made famous by those shitty Twilight movies

We picked up some camping supplies there and then rode west to the Mora campground near the coast-

The campground was quite full but we lucked out and got two spots together.

Kristhawee and Rochelle really seemed to connect- too cute-

Dave and Kristhawee and always competing to see who can be more naughty

Good times around the campfire-

When Dave was ready for bed he discovered that someone had already taken his hammock

It took a bit of coaxing, but eventually we were able to relocate Kristhawee to my tent-

Good Night!!

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