Hiking in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in the Okanogan – Wenatchee National Forests

The trail to Eightmile Lake started out quite steep and we made slow but steady progress, stopping a lot to “smell the roses” as it were

These mountains experienced some big forest fires a few years back so there are large open areas full of wildflowers where young trees are beginning to grow back-

A warm sunny day!

In certain areas the plants are threatening to overrun the trail-

Lots and lots of wildflowers!

As we climb we reach groves of forest that survived the fires (though it’s apparent this area was logged once upon a time)-

It’s nice to have some shade!

We crossed lots of small alpine creeks and rivulets. Kristhawee is checking out some tadpoles and water bugs-

More wildflowers

Lots of vertical on this hike! Working our way up some steep switchbacks-

C’mon Kristhawee! You can make it!!

Entering the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in the Okanogan – Wenatchee National Forests!

New life springs from the ashes of the burnt forest-

Beautiful rugged country- our destination is Eightmile Lake, a large alpine lake nested high in the mountains-

Up and up we climb!

We catch our first glimpse of “Little Eightmile Lake”!

Little Eightmile- a beautiful spot to take a rest and enjoy a small picnic-

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